Dental practices

One portable hand held dental xray unit, the Xray2GO by Video Dental Concepts, has an end cone focal point of 20 cm and an oversized LCD screen for reading and adjusting the device’s settings. The system does not require to be installed or mounted ( Once taken out of the box, dentists can start using the hand held cray system immediately. This has enabled dentists to save time that would have been wasted installing the device or even mounting it.

The portable dental xray system has a touch system similar to touch screen mobile phones ( There is no pressing of knobs or keys. Just provide a simple touch when selecting instructions on the device or controlling it. The device’s time of exposure can be adjusted depending on the dentist’s requirements.

One battery can be used for a long duration of time when the device is in use, therefore, dentists need not worry about battery consumption and quick loss of charge.

The images taken by the hand-held dental x-ray machine are of high-resolution creating images that are super clear. One of the most advantageous effects of having this high frequency xray generator device is that hand movements or shaky hands cannot deter the device from taking a clear picture, meaning the images will still be clear even if the hand moves ( The Xray2Go’s outside features are extremely compact, thus, there is no need to fear loss of some parts of the hand held dental x-ray generator.

To match the device’s compact exterior, the inside is smart as it is able to carry out several dental x-ray commands with ease. Any dentist who invests in these types of newer handheld dental x-ray machines are sure to make their staff happy as their assistants will fall in love with it as it is so conveniently easy to use