The cavity can also be addressed by using a porcelain replacement tooth. General dentists are also trained in more complex procedures, including some surgical ones. Implant Dentistry Sometimes people require more specialized dentistry, such as when you need to replace a missing tooth.

In this instance, you’ll want to find a Dallas dental care practitioner who specializes in Dallas implant dentistry. In the past, the replacement of one or two missing teeth meant that the dentist had to nestle the false tooth between the other teeth and then bond it to the adjacent teeth.

While this practice is still common, it’s not a permanent fix. But Dallas implant dentistry offers a permanent solution to the problem. Implant dentistry involves a surgical procedure that roots the false teeth directly to the jaw. Getting dental implants is not an in and out process-in fact it can take months of visits and surgeries to complete

. After a specialist has screened you to make sure that implants are an acceptable procedure for you, the process will begin. During the first surgery, an incision will be made in your gums through which a small hole will be made in your jaw bone-that’s where the root will be placed.

Afterward, the incision will be sewn shut. After the healing process from the first procedure has been completed, the second procedure will begin. A new incision will be made to once more expose the implant